10 Coolest Animals in the World You can Meet in Life Once

10 Coolest Animals
10 Coolest Animals

What makes an animal cool? Is it their appearance, their walk, their behavior? According to the dictionary, “cool” means fashionably attractive or impressive. We think the animals below have tons of amazing features that make them so cool!

The Blue Dragon

The Blue Dragon, or Glaucus atlanticus

The blue dragon, or Glaucus atlanticus, floats upside down in the water, using its blue side to blend in unseen. If you spy it, you see what looks like a small dragon. These cool animals feed on the Portuguese man of war, a species it’s actually related to. The blue dragon will curl into a ball to protect itself, but also delivers an effective sting when provoked.

Blue dragons like to mate, travel, and eat in groups. They also have both male and female organs and lay their eggs on floating driftwood or inside the carcass of prey.

Considered a sea slug, the blue dragon is a relatively new find. Initially, we thought only the Indian and Pacific Oceans were their home, but researchers have now found them in Taiwan, South Padre Island in Texas, and South Africa‘s Cape Town.


A dolphin is an aquatic mammal

A dolphin is an aquatic mammal within the infraorder Cetacea. Dolphin species belong to the families Delphinidae (the oceanic dolphins), Platanistidae (the Indian river dolphins), Iniidae (the New World river dolphins), Pontoporiidae (the brackish dolphins), and the extinct Lipotidae (baiji or Chinese river dolphin). There are 40 extant species named dolphins.


The okapi is an animal native

The okapi is an animal native to the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. Although the stripes make many people believe okapi are related to zebra, they are actually closer to giraffes. Okapi is solitary creatures and comes together to breed. They are herbivores, mostly eating leaves, grass, and other plants.

Angora Rabbit

Angora is the known hairiest breed

Angora is the known hairiest breed of all rabbits. It is for this reason that they bred at home for their extra-long smooth wool. They can also use as pets and are an excellent choice for anyone looking for one. They are fluffy and generally cute, making them among the most touchable and enticing animals worldwide.

Angora rabbits originated in Turkey and rapidly spread to Europe and the United States. These animals shade their valuable fur three to four times yearly. Their fur is useful because it is among the most highly recommended and sought-after fabrics.

It’s said that angora fabric is approximately much warmer and offers good comfort than regular sheep wool. These rabbits thrive better during winters or when they are kept in cooler regions.


Snails are all over the map when it

Snails are all over the map when it comes to sleep. We’ll define them as manic. They may nap for several hours, then stay awake for sessions of 30 hours or more. On the flip side, they have crazy hibernation periods. They can snooze for periods of up to three years, a survival instinct for when they feel the need to self-preserve.

Emperor penguins

Emperor penguins live in the Arctic,

Emperor penguins live in the Arctic, arguably one of the cruelest environments, where it can get below -40 degrees Fahrenheit on the regular. They inhabit the ice and ocean that surrounds them and have become experts at surviving. They dive up to 1,755 feet for food in water that’s well below freezing.

Red Panda

Red Panda

This cute, small panda lives in the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. The red panda is rather small, only about the same size as most domestic cats. Its eating habits range from bamboo to eggs, to insects, and several other small mammals. The red panda is primarily sedentary during the day and at night or in the morning doing whatever hunting it needs to do.


Rabbits or bunnies are small sized mammals

Rabbits or bunnies are small-sized mammals that are both domestic and livestock pet. They have egg-shaped bodies covered with smooth hairs making their lovable pets.  Rabbits require a good diet and a healthy environment for their growth. Rabbit is a very active and friendly animal known.

Rabbits are great listeners so they respond actively to human beings making them more friendly. They are herbivores that make an individual healthy too. Bunnies are talented comedians. Rabbits do not require to get a bath as they keep themselves clean. Rabbits are definitely worthy of mention as part of the top 10 friendliest animals in the world.


Swans are the friendliest and most beautiful birds

Swans are the friendliest and most beautiful birds. It represents love and loyalty because they are very loyal to their partner. Swans live both on land and water. Swans belong to the anatidae family with the Cygnus genus.

Ducks and geese are the relatives of swans. Swans are very friendly to human beings as long as one does not hurt their partner or young swans. They also have a fun fact that they mate for life or we can say they mate only once.

Sugar gliders

The sugar glider is a small, nocturnal possum

The sugar glider is a small, nocturnal possum that glides using skin between its legs as ‘wings’, much like a flying squirrel. These omnivores belonging to the marsupial infraclass get their common name from their taste for sugary foods; such as sap and nectar.

Arctic fox

Arctic foxes have beautiful white (sometimes blue-gray

Arctic foxes have beautiful white (sometimes blue-gray) coats that act as very effective winter camouflage. The natural hues allow the animal to blend into the tundra’s ubiquitous snow and ice. When the seasons change, the fox’s coat turns as well, adopting a brown or gray appearance that provides cover among the summer tundra’s rocks and plants.