Mysterious Metal Sphere:

Mysterious Metal Ball Found On Enshuhama Beach In Hamamatsu, Japan; Details Inside

Japan has been in the news for more than one reason because of its neighbor to the east, North Korea. On Tuesday, February 21st, a giant spherical object appeared on Enshuhama Beach in Hamamatsu City. And moments after it found, many theories and legends circulated that it was Godzilla’s egg. While some said it was one. A mooring buoy is floating in the water and moors away from the coastline, to which ships can moor in deeper water. It might be space junk, some thought. Still, the authorities never took any chances and assigned the police and bomb squad to investigate the metal bullet.

In the midst of all this, the good old UFO theory was also floating around, as well as Dragon Ball from the popular manga series.

Mysterious Ball And Dragon Ball Z

Japanese broadcaster NHK released footage of two officials on Enshuhama beach examining the rusted metal orb, estimated to be about 1.5 meters wide. Which spotted by a local resident who alerted the police, who cordoned off the area and other X-facilities. Radiation tests were inconclusive, although the object confirmed to be safe, as reported in a BBC report.

As mentioned at the beginning, it caused panic with theories suggesting it some sort of “surveillance device” set up by China and North Korea.

But according to the latest information from the Japanese authorities late on February 23. The “mystery sphere” could be nothing more than an ordinary marine device. While X-rays taken from a radio test carried out by the local police confirmed that it was the interior. The ball looked hollow.

It also has two raised handles on its surface, indicating that it was once attached to a platform or other vessel.

NHK Report

According to other reports, the metal sphere bears many similarities to a steel buoy manufactured by the Chinese shipbuilding company Nantong Yangfan.

In summary, NHK News confirmed that the spherical object “does not pose a threat,” whatever the object may be.