I always love the turn of a new season, and in my opinion, spring could not come around quicker. I’m feeling far more optimistic as the days are gradually growing longer (see ya, SAD) and I’m ready to pack away my winter nail colors and welcome in the spring nail trends now that winter is behind us.

6 Spring Nail Trends Will Dominate 2023 Said By A Professional Nail Artist

After all, is there anything more cheery than a seasonal manicure? Whether it be floral nail art or a palette cleanser of pastel nail colors, a slick of nail lacquer is one of the easiest ways to tap into the new season trends and boost your mood, whether you are heading into the salon for your next appointment or doing your nails at home. For spring, we naturally see brighter nail colors, pretty floral nail art, and plenty of experimentation with textures and finishes. But, what spring nail trends will we be seeing on our feeds in 2023?

To find out which spring nail trends everyone will be booking in for, I asked one of my favorite expert nail techs, Iram Shelton, and celebrity manicurist and MyLee brand ambassador, Tinu Bello, to shed light on what the key seasonal nail trends are to watch out for in the season ahead. Ahead, you’ll find plenty of spring nail ideas and inspo for your next mani.

1. Lip Gloss Nails

Lip Gloss Nails

“The world of skincare is taking over and people are taking care of themselves now more than ever. The ‘clean girl’ aesthetic is here to stay with other similar trends appearing too like the ‘vanilla girl’ or ‘lipgloss nails’ trends,” says Shelton. These often feature sheer, neutral tones that add just enough color but allow you to see the natural nail underneath. “With minimal, short, well-groomed nails being at the forefront, I think people will be more focused on nursing their natural nails back to health,” she says. Think plenty of cuticle oil and regular maintenance in between appointments.

“The perfect nail shade to achieve this look is my go-to: OPI Bubble Bath. I find this shade complements all skin tones and can be paired with nail art if that’s your style,” she says. “What I also love about this particular shade is that it can be mixed with OPI Alpine Snow to create a beautiful milky look without being too white. It’s a winner for me.”

This trend is so flattering and instantly makes your nails look healthy. Look for semi-sheer nail polishes and nail illuminators to give a healthy sheen. Cuticle oil is a must to maintain a healthy and shiny look.

2. Nail Embellishments

Nail Embellishments

3D nail art and embellishments are going to be big for spring, says Shelton. “Think sculpting art with gel or adding embellishments or accents to the nails. I also think that nail jewelry will be popular. This is adding piercings or chains to the nails,” she continues.

“I love this idea but think it works best on longer nails, however, I am going to try this look on my shorter nails, so keep your eyes peeled,” she says. 

3. Velvet Nails

Velvet Nails

We’ve seen velvet nails—or cat eye nails—cropping up on our feeds, but the trend shows no sign of stopping as a spring nail trend. “Velvet nails, or the cat eye nails, are also a great look which I have seen becoming popular. The lighter colors will be perfect for summer and add that extra flair to a manicure,” explains Shelton.

These pastel green and pink velvet nails are so pretty for springtime.

“To create this effect you will need some magnetic polish. Apply the polish and use the magnet that comes with the polish to create your design. Then add a top coat. It’s really that easy,” she says.

4. Floral Nail Art 

Floral Nail Art

Florals, for spring? It might not be groundbreaking, but it’s a classic spring nail trend we turn to every year. “Floral nails are always a good idea and can be created both with gel polish, regular polish, or even by adding fresh or dried flowers,” says Shelton. “This trend comes back year after year and it’s because it is so pretty and can look great as a full nail art look or even just as an accent nail,” she says. “I love the pastel shades from the Max Factor Miracle Pure range, in particular cherry blossom, moonstone blue, and lemon tea. They are the perfect shades to create floral nails with,” says Shelton.

All you need is a dotting tool or Bobby pin and you can create the look. “It’s very simple, add a dot in the center (I’d choose Lemon tea) then following the shape of a flower create more dots around the center,” she says.

5. Monochromatic Nail Colours

Monochromatic Nail Colours

Nail art can be fun, but there’s something refreshing about a classic monochrome mani in timeless shades, and it’s easy to do at home too.

“A lot of people have started painting their nails at home since lockdown and many are still trying to figure out how to achieve the salon look at home,” says Shelton. “I think monochromatic manis are the go-to for people who aren’t that confident with nail art, so I think we’ll always have nude nails at the top of the list, and black, red, and even white,” she says. “I’ve recently spotted Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner rocking simple monochromatic nails and they looked amazing.” I would always recommend using a base and top coat when doing your manicures at home as this will help with the longevity of your manicure and also leave you with a high shine finish,” says Shelton. “If you have weak nails or are looking to nurse your nails back to health I’d highly recommend using OPI Nail Envy.”

6. Green Nails

Green Nails

“Green is one of my go-to colors. It’s versatile enough to suit confident and bold individuals, but also those who are more down-to-earth,” says Bello. “Green is popular all year round, but is especially trendy in the run-up to spring and summer, as it coincides with nature; green grass, lush trees, and blossoming flowers—so we can definitely expect to see an increase in green manis over the coming months!” When it comes to choosing which shades of greens to wear, for Bello, there are some clear winners—emerald green, sage green, bright green, and forest green are set to be key shades for the year ahead. “Sage green is a stunning shade that works well on its own for a minimal look, paired with white or brown accents, or with nail art for a mani that stands out,” she adds.