Aberdeen Kit signs deal with Adidas

The Aberdeen team will face Rangers and Celtic for the 2021-22 Scottish title. Aberdeen has signed a £2.5m deal with Adidas until 2026.

Kit DealSummary
Kit SupplierAdidas
Per Season Payout£2.5 million (reported)
Contract Worth£15 million
Term2026 (six years)
Performance Related Clauses£500k awarded to the club for winning the Scottish cup or finishing top in the league

Aberdeen’s cutting-edge deal expires in 2026, well worth £15m, with extra cash for the membership depending on how nicely they do within the league and Scottish Cup in 2021-22. The membership has the third maximum high-priced package inside the Scottish highest quality League.

Shirt SponsorSummary
Main SponsorSaltire Energy
Per Season Payout£750,000
Contract Worth£3.75 million (5 years) but currently reported as a long-term deal
Term2025 (estimated) – a long-term deal

The title sponsor of the Aberdeen fixture is Saltire Energy, who have provided an additional £750,000 to help the club financially. Aberdeen’s deal with Saltire Energy is reported to be long-term, with the stated amount being 5 years, but if the Aberdeen club signs a new contract or promotion, the details message will be published at a later date.

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