Aitor Arino Contract FC Barcelona | Spain | Earnings Per Handball Event

Aitor Arino

  • Base Salary: €475,000
  • Club Team: FC Barcelona
  • National Team: Spain
  • Position: Left wing
  • Contract Status: Active

The 29-year-old Spanish basketball player, the 2013 Spanish World Cup gold medalist, signed with FC Barcelona for the upcoming handball events and often plays for the Spanish national team. Arino started out his career in the senior team in 2011 with the FC Barcelona B group. There he confirmed his skills and was given better, which gave him the possibility to play for FC Barcelona. Considering that then he has been playing for the membership and the Spanish national team. Aitor Arino’s settlement and earnings details are available

Aitor Arino Contract Deal & Salary

TeamBase SalaryContract
FC Barceló Handballbol€400,0002022
  • Debut Team: FC Barcelona B
  • Gold Medals: 3
  • Last Club: FC Barcelona B (Youth Career)

Arino’s contractual settlement with FC Barcelona runs from 2012 and there are increases and bonuses if his performance improves over time. He obtained a €four hundred, guaranteed purse from the membership and €75,000 from his country-wide crew along with teammate Aleix Gomez.

There are no details on the extension of his contract. If you sign a new contract or transfer to another club, we will make the details available as soon as they are updated.