Arsenal Contract With Adidas

In 2018, Arsenal signed a kit address for German manufacturer Adidas. In step with the agreement, the manufacturing of devices for the Gunners will begin from the 2018-2019 season. Arsenal’s package deal with Adidas is a deal well worth over £60m a year.

With that advantage, the Gunners are the third most expensive outfit in English football.

permit’s check the economic numbers at the back of the Arsenal kit Deal and Adidas:

Kit SupplierAdidas
DURATION5 years (2019-2024)
Yearly payments£60 million
Total payment over 5 years£300 million
Any performance-related clauses?£5 million a year will be added to the yearly deal if Arsenal qualifies for the Champions League.

This contract ends Gys’ five-year partnership with Puma, which saw Arsenal earn £60m a year in profit. The contract is worth 300 million pounds over five years.

In football history, Adidas’ current contract with Arsenal will expire in 2024.

Arsenal Shirt sponsorship Contract Deal

Then Fly Emirates Now ‘Emirates – Fly higher’ has been the main blouse sponsor on the grounds that 2006. The settlement become first signed in 2006. In 2018, twelve years later, Emirates prolonged their shirt sponsorship with Arsenal for the next 5 years.

Let’s take a look at the details and numbers behind the new deal:

DURATION5 years (2019-20 season to 2023-24)
Yearly payments£40 million a year
Total payment over 5 years£200 million
Any performance-related clauses?£2 million a year will be awarded into the yearly deal if Arsenal qualifies for the Champions League.

According to the Fly Emirates agreement with Ágyús, they spend 40 million pounds a year. The total value of the contract is 200 million pounds over 5 years, between 2019-2024. About Arsenal, the Emirates logo means familiarity to big football fans.

In addition, the contract includes an additional £2 million per year. The clause can only be fulfilled if Arsenal qualifies for the Champions League.

Arsenal Sleeve Contract Deal

In 2018, Arsenal signed a sponsorship agreement with the Rwanda improvement Committee. to start with, it changed into for three years, but after years, it became prolonged for another three years.

The deal is worth ten million pounds a year. The value of the current contract is £50 million over 5 years. The contract also made ‘Go to Rwanda’ the club’s travel agent.

The deal initially drew criticism from the Rwandan government for investing in foreign football clubs.

However, the agreement has proved beneficial for both parties, with Rwanda even seeing an 8% increase in tourism.


Arsenal makes a lot of money from their supporters.

The contract between Arsenal and Adidas is worth 300 million pounds over five years. With the agreement, Ágyús’ five-year collaboration with Puma ended. The deal earned the Gunners £60m a year.

Arsenal’s new deal with Fly Emirates is worth £200m over five years from 2019-2024. The business is worth £40m a year.

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