Brentford Kit Deal with Umbro until 2023 | £12M contract over four years

The British Umbro sports equipment became Brentford’s outfit. In May 2019, Umbro replaced the German soccer team Adidas and reached an agreement with the owners. Brentford club Umbro is worth £3m in 12 months.

Kit SupplierUmbro
Duration4 years (2019-2023)
Yearly payments£3 million
Total payment over 4 years£12 million
Any performance-related clauses?£1 million a year will be added to the yearly deal if Brentford qualifies for the Champion League.

The Adidas Umbro football has been replaced by the trusty kits of Brentford.

Brentford Shirt Sponsorship Contract Deal:

Brentford swap EcoWorld London for Utilita electricity for blouse sponsorship. The agreement was signed for the 2020-2021 season. The price of the contract is two million pounds in step within 12 months.

Let’s look at the deal in detail:

Duration3 years (2020-21 season to 2023-24)
Yearly payments£2 million a year
Total payment over 3 years£6 million
Any performance-related clauses?£1 million a year will be awarded into the yearly deal if Umbro qualifies for the Champions League.

The contract was signed in 2020 after Ecoworld London terminated the contract. Utilita Energy has been working with Brentford as an energy producer since 2016.

Their deal is well worth a complete of around £6m, meaning Utilia will be given the right to front their opponents Brentford’s blouse. Brentford is presently 13th inside the superior League.

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