Brittney Palmer Career Earnings | UFC Contract | Earning From Main Card Fights of UFC PPV’

Brittney Palmer:

UFC Contract: 2022 Per Year Earnings: $750,000 UFC Earnings: $350,000 (reported) Social Media Earnings: $350,000 Sponsorship & Endorsements: $75,000

Brittney Palmer’s career as a ring model began in 2011. Palmer started with Jo Garcia in Mortal Kombat. Then a few months later she became a Playboy model and appeared on the “Playboy” page.

She is an American ring girl and artist. Palmer is currently with the UFC and is a contracted “Octagon Girl.” She is the third girl to get the page of “playboy magazine”. A source claimed she’s the best hit as a “ring model,” pulling in as much as $25,000 for a big payout. In 2012, she won the “Circular Card Girl of the Year” award. Brittney Palmer’s career earnings and UFC contract announced for 2022.

Brittney Palmer is a model and UFC Octagon Girl. As a Model, she earns more than $200,000 a year from his social media accounts and endorsement lists. Brittney’s recommended brands are Reebok, W Hotels and Bird Scooters, G oil, Verbenas, Sugar Sweat, Monster Energy. As a UFC Octagon girl, she is guaranteed $350,000 of her contract and can earn a $25,000 bonus on the UFC PPV main card.

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