Crystal Palace Kit Deal With Puma Until 2023 | The Contract worth is £20M for 5 years

Giant has been announced as Crystal Palace’s 2018 supplier, but the agreement has been in place since the start of the season.

Kit SupplierPuma
Duration5 years (2018-2023)
Yearly payments£4 million
Total payment over 5 years£20 million
Any performance-related clauses?£2 million a year will be added to the yearly deal if Crystal Palace qualifies for the Champions League.

In May 2018, Puma replaced the Italian brand Macron, who had been the club’s supplier for the past four seasons. The total value of the equipment is £20 million over 5 years.

In addition, Puma is also the club’s official jersey and merchandise partner.

Crystal Palace Shirt Sponsorship Deal:

Crystal Palace has signed a shirt sponsorship deal with Asian bookmaker W88. Under the deal, Crystal Palace will donate £5 million a year.

Let’s look at the contract:

Duration5 years (2020-21 season to 2024-25)
Yearly payments£5 million a year
Total payment over 5 years£25 million
Any performance-related clauses?£1 million a year will be reduced into the yearly deal if Crystal Palace gets relegated from the Premier League.

In August 2020, W88 became the membership’s respectable blouse sponsor. the overall price of the agreement is £25 million over 5 years.

The deal sees W88 replace ManBetX as Crystal Palace’s first matchday kit sponsor. However, the ManBetx contract is worth £6.5m per year

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