Deportivo Alaves has a Contract with Kelme Until 2024 | €17.5 Million Contract for Seven Years

Deportivo Alaves Contract with Kelme
Deportivo Alaves Contract with Kelme

La Liga club Deportivo Alaves has signed a multi-year product partnership with Spanish sportswear brand Kelme. The contract was announced at a low level in 2017. Deportivo Alaves player Kelme is worth €2.5m this year.

With this agreement, Kelme received the right to sell the club’s matchday equipment.

allow’s test the monetary information at the back of Deportivo Alaves and Kelme football:

Kit SupplierKelme
Duration7 years (2017-2024)
Yearly payments€2.5 million
Total payment over 7 years€17.5 million
Any performance-related clauses?€1.5 million a year will be added to the yearly deal if Deportivo Alaves qualifies for the Champions League.

The infrastructure contract between the two parties was signed in 2017. The first contract was for two years, however, after the end of the 2017-2018 season, the contract was extended and a new date for the contract was added in 2024.

The settlement between Deportivo Alaves and Kelme is complete 17. five million euros over 7 years.

in addition, there is any other clause within the settlement that offers some other €1.five million according to yr if Deportivo Alaves qualifies for the Champions League.

Deportivo Alaves shirt sponsorship contract deal

The Spanish club Alaves has joined the betting company Betway, which operates across all online markets. The deal gives Betway access to the club’s assets.

Alaves blouse sponsorship address Betway is well worth 4 million euros consistent with 12 months.

Check the financial numbers on the back of the contract:

Duration4 years (2018-19 season to 2021-22)
Yearly payments€4 million a year
Total payment over 4 years€16 million
Any performance-related clauses?€1 million a year will be wiped off the yearly deal if Deportivo Alaves gets relegated from La Liga.

The contract was announced at the end of 2017. The shirt support contract was signed in 2018 for the next two years. A season later, Alves extended the contract by several years, pushing the validity period to 2022.

Deportivo Alaves and Kelme will support the club members for 16 million euros in the next 4 years.

The agreement gives Betway access to the design of the club’s match day and training shirt for the next 4 years.