Dundee FC Kit Agrees With Macron Until 2024 | It’s Worth of Home shirt sponsorship contract 500,000 pounds for 1 yr

Dundee FC Kit Agrees With Macron
Dundee FC Kit Agrees With Macron

Dundee FC finished second behind Hearts in the Scottish Championship. The club returns to the Scottish Premier League for the 2021-22 season. In 2019, the club signed a new contract with the supplier Macron for their equipment after he left Puma. The Dundee agreement with Macron until 2024 was confirmed.

Kit DealSummary
Per Season Payout£1 million
Contract Worth£5 million
Term2024 (5 Years)
Performance Clause£1 million for finishing in the top two positions of the Scottish premiership, winning the league cup

After promotion, Dundee FC is eager to set a new record in the Scottish Championship. The club’s current kit is worth around £5m, but it will be more if they finish top of the league in 2021-22. If Dundee FC succeeds in winning the League Cup, they will pay over a million pounds in employment. The performance standards of each club are determined based on their position in the league.

Shirt Sponsorship Deal

Shirt SponsorSummary
Primary SponsorCrown Engineering Services
Per Season Payout£350,000
Contract Worth£500,000 (based on team performance in league and league cup)
Term1 year (2022)

Crown Engineering Services has signed its first sponsorship deal with Dundee FC. The club was recently promoted to the Scottish Championship after leaving previous sponsors Switch Gas & Electric to join a new main sponsor (Crown Engineering) for 2022. The deal between them is worth £500,000, which includes a Scottish win bonus. Trophy.

If the club is relegated, Dundee has signed a brand new settlement package deal or shirt sponsor, with new details to comply with. it’s miles all likelihood that the club will maintain its assist for another season.

If membership is withdrawn, Dundee will sign a new kit or shirt contract with the new details. It is likely that the club will retain its support this summer.