Gary Russell Jr vs Mark Magsayo Earning | They will make 70/30 PPV Revenue from the Fight | January 22, 2022

Gary Russell Jr vs Mark Magsayo
Gary Russell Jr vs Mark Magsayo

Gary Russell Jr and Mark Magsayo fight next week. Earlier in the card, it was announced that Russell Jr. could go on with Rey Verges, but he admitted that the fight might not happen this January. Russell Jr defends his WBC featherweight title against Magsayo, during a showdown with PV rights. Gary Russell Jr. and Mark Magsayo shared the second boxing match.

BoxersPursesPPV Share SplitTotal Payouts
Gary Russell Jr$500,00070%$1 million (including PPV bonus)
Mark Magsayo$175,00030%$350,000 (including PPV bonus)

PPV Competition Season 1 is Magsaysay Vs Brother Russell Jr. It’s a good example.

Mark Magsayo gets a good chance to become the new WBC featherweight champion. Magsayo was undefeated in his career, he recently turned pro in PPV boxing, and on April 21, 2021, he defeated Mexico (Julio Ceja). If there are any changes to Gary Russell Jr.’s payout. Magsayo’s wallet mark before or after the fight in terms of bonuses and PPV, the details will be revealed later.

Q: How much of an advantage will Russell Jr have against Tugstsogt Nyambayar in 2020?

A: One site reported $1 million, which includes pay-per-views

Q: Who is Vasi Mark Magsayo?

A: It will run over a $350,000 purse in 2022

Q: Is there a split PV for two boxers?

A: Divide the PV up to 70% / 30% strong punches and different PV points

Q: Where am I able to watch Russell Jr vs Magsayo online?

A: Showtime has a PV license in America | Fite TV UK (radio station)