Getafe Kit contract with Joma

Getafe kit’s contract with the Spanish sportswear emblem “Joma” quantities to three million euros consistent with yr. The membership signed a settlement with Joma in 2019. The agreement become at the start for two years, but a 12 months later each the membership and Joma decided to increase the agreement.

Now check the monetary figures behind Getafe package’s address Joma:

Kit SupplierJoma
Duration5 years (2019-2024)
Yearly payments€3 million
Total payment over 5 years€15 million
Any performance-related clauses?€2 million a year will be added to the yearly deal if Getafe qualifies for the champions league.

Getafe and the Spanish sports brand, Joma, have signed a 5-12 month contract. According to the contract, the total value of the contract is 15 million euros, in total over 5 years.

Similarly, Joma and Getafe have delivered an additional €2 million in line with 12 months bonus, if you want to be activated if Getafe qualify for the league.

Joma also supplies the club with home, away and third party equipment.

Getafe shirts sponsorship:

Getafe continues its sponsorship of a shirt with long-term partner Tecnocasa Group. Tecnocasa Group is a real estate and loan company with offices in 9 different countries.

In 2020, Getafe signed Tecnocasa for four million euros according to 12 months.

Check out the financial numbers behind the deal:

Duration4 years (2020-21 season to 2023-24)
Yearly payments€4 million a year
Total payment over 4 years€16 million
Any performance-related clauses?€1 million a year will be wiped off the yearly deal if Getafe FC gets relegated from the La Liga.

Getafe’s jersey sponsorship with the Tecnocasa group, which gives them the right to emblazon their logo on the kit. The total value of the contract with the sponsor is 16 million euros over 4 years.

Apart from the jersey sponsorship deal, the Tecnocasa group is also interested in parks and cities.

With the deal now, Getafe gamers will wear kits backed via the Tecnocasa group.

Getafe sleeve sponsorship contract deal:

Getafe has signed a sponsorship deal with Spanish motorcycle insurance company Reale Seguros. The value of the contract is 3 million euros per year. It will be signed in 2020 and expire in 2023 if not extended.

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Getafe signed a agreement with Joma well worth a total of 15 million euros over 5 years. The settlement turned into signed in 2019 and results in 2024.

Getafe will continue its support of the Tecnocasa group in 2020. The contract between the two costs a total of 16 million euros over 4 years.

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