Illegal sports in the world

A sport becomes illegal when it becomes violent or dangerous. Two of the most popular games for illicit sports are “brawls” and “dog fighting”. All sports are classified and rejected worldwide if they are dangerous and cause pain to people or animals. Four illegal matches have been reported worldwide.

Non-eligible sports are listed below:

  • Human & Animal Abuse
  • Serious Crime
  • Illegal Betting
  • Traffic Violation
  • Serious Injuries (Head)
  • The incident led to the death

1: Cockfighting: Popular In ( India, China, and Persia)

Illegal sports in the world | Crock fighting

One of the most famous illegal sports in the world is still going on, fighting. Chickens are trained to fight. The game was popular in India, China, Persia, and other Oriental countries in ancient times. A game of chance with spectators like cocks fighting, where people bet on which cock will win in a small ring. The fight has changed it in countries where sharp objects are still attached to chicken legs, causing injury and pain. It was first taught in Greece during the time of Themistocles (524-460 BC).

2: Dog Fight: Popular in Britain and America

Illegal sports in the world |  Dog Racing

Organized dog fighting is a crime, but the sport is still prevalent in some countries. If we can tell from the history of dog fighting, it was published in 43. AD when the Romans entered England. Both sides are working in a dogfight. After the war, the sport became popular in Britain and later in the United States. Dogs trained as puppies. But when dogs fight, they suffer serious injuries that result in death or serious illness. Injuries caused by dog fights include severe bruises, deep cuts, and broken bones. Today it’s banned in many countries.

3: Street Racing: Popular (Pakistan, Italy, Germany)

Illegal sports in the world | States Street

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4: Base Jump: Illegal in all cities

Illegal sports in the world | Base Jumping

Base hopping is illegal in almost every country and city. These sports have serious injury problems. Another reason they don’t allow landing in the city has to do with pedestrians and drivers. Recently, there have been many incidents around the world where jumpers have penetrated the high points of the building and entered the space to base jump. Kjerag from Lysefjord in Norway is the only legal jump.