Mike Tyson’s Most Memorable Fights

Despite his speed and strength, Tyson is one of the most famous boxers in history. He is known as the King of Knockouts and he is one of the best boxers of all time. Looking at his career today, it’s hard to find a game that disappoints. But of the 58 battles, some are more memorable than others. Below are some of Mike Tyson’s memorable fights and matches.

A second fight Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson:

Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson

Even non-boxing fans are familiar with the Tyson vs Holyfield II event. The first fight between Tyson and Holyfield ended with the victory of Evander Holyfield. The match between Tyson and Holyfield was controversial because Tyson was headbutted several times by Holyfield in the first fight.

However, Mike Tyson and his team believe that these headbutts were not intentional. In the match, Mike Tyson decided to take revenge on his opponent. He broke Evander’s ear twice – once for his disqualification and once for biting part of Evander’s ear, which was illegal. This event has gone down in boxing history as one of the most important events in the ring.

Bruce Seldon Fight Night:

Bruce Seldon Fight Night

Champion Bruce Seldon was kicked out by Mike Tyson for the first time. Seldon received a lot of pressure after the fight for easily stopping his opponent. However, it was marked by the murder of one of the best sellers, 2Pac, on September 7, 1996. The car in which Tupac Shakur left the Tyson fight that night was shot and killed.

Mike Tyson Vs. Buster Douglas:

Mike Tyson Vs. Buster Douglas

One of the most memorable moments in boxing history is the fight between Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas. It was the first time that no match had been lost in the ring after a 37-fight winning streak. Douglas was a real underdog in the fight, but managed to defeat Iron Mike after 10 long rounds of boxing. It was one of the biggest upsets in boxing history.

Mike Tyson Vs. Andrew Golota:

Mike Tyson Vs. Andrew Golota

Unlike him today, Mike Tyson only fought in the heavyweight division. After three rounds, the injured Golota could not continue the fight. Tyson wears it despite the height difference and Tyson is no longer in his prime.

Tyson’s victory excited the fans, but the fight was declared a no-contest after Mike Tyson’s drug test later found marijuana in his system. I recommend watching the whole fight to see how straight and fast Tyson is even at the end of his career.

Against Lennox Lewis:

Against Lennox Lewis

Mike Tyson’s fight against Lennox Lewis was Tyson’s second KO. The fight was the highest-grossing single event at the time. As scary as it was, it didn’t stop Lewis from accepting the challenge and defeating Mike Tyson in the 8th round. The fight marked a new era in boxing history, where Tyson could not eat Lewis’s children and after the fight, he praised his opponent with respect.

Mike Tyson Vs. Michael Spinks:

Mike Tyson Vs. Michael Spinks

As a linebacker, Mike Tyson knocked out Michael Spinks after 91 seconds of the fight. This victory earned him the title of Line Champion and was one of his best KOs. After the KO, Tyson’s opponent’s face was shocked. The fight broke his brother Lean Spink’s clean record (31-0).

Mike Tyson Vs. Jose Ribalta:

Mike Tyson Vs. Jose Ribalta

The fight between Ribalta and Tyson is worth watching. Ribalta towered over Mike Tyson by a different height. Ribalta, who was one of the top fighters of his time, faced Iron Mike, who was decidedly short compared to the average fighter.

The big height difference has a good view. Jose is 1.96 meters (6’4″) and Mike is only 1.78 meters (5’10”). Reaching Ribalta made Iron Mike a real challenge, but just as David defeated Goliath, so Tyson defeated Ribalta.

There’s no one definitive answer to what Mike Tyson’s Most Memorable Fights an illustrious career. But taking a look at some of his greatest bouts is sure to whet your appetite.

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