Mikkel Hansen Contract Deal With Paris Saint-Germain | Denmark | His Earnings Per Handball Season

Mikkel Hansen Contract Deal With Paris Saint-Germain
Mikkel Hansen Contract Deal With Paris Saint-Germain

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Mikkel Hansen

  • Base Salary: €1.5 million
  • Club Team: Paris Saint-Germain
  • National Team: Denmark
  • Position: Left back
  • Contract Status: Active

Mikkel Hansen, one of the best basketball players of the season, plays for the Danish team. The left winger was voted the best player in the world by the IHF three times in 2011, 2015, and 2018.

Hansen is one of the highest-paid footballers, is contracted to the Danish national team, and is signing a new contract. Mikkel Hansen’s contract and salary details have been announced.

Hansen is One of the Highest-Paid Footballers
  • Debut Team: GOG Håndbold
  • Gold Medals: 4
  • Last Club: AG København (2010-2012)

Mikkel Hansen Contract Deal & Salary

TeamBase SalaryContarct
Paris Saint-Germain€1m2022

Hansen has been a member of PSG considering 2012 after gambling for 2 years in Spain. His settlement expired in 2022 and there may be an opportunity to visit Aalborg Håndbold. His cutting-edge assured purse from the club is €1 million, making him the highest-paid participant.

Mikkel Hansen will be playing at the EC and is looking for a good shot at another gold medal. If you change clubs, we will update all details of your new contract here as soon as information becomes available.