Premier League Referee Salaries in 2022 (Special Announcement)

Premier League Referee Salaries

According to current research, Premier League players are getting the majority of Europe’s top 5 competitions by a wide margin. The league’s top referees are held under the banner of Prohibited Game Managers (PGMOL). Experienced solicitors are Tier 1 and earn around £50,000 a year in basic salary and £2,000 in fees (per round). The team’s best umpires carry between 20 and 32 common video games, meaning they can trade between £1000 and £1000 a year. The best salaries for judges have been announced for the first time in 2014.

Premier League Referee Salaries

What is the Average Salary of a Premier League Referee?

All pinnacle flight referees in the uk work under the banner of PGMOL in partnership with most desirable League and English FA. There are 17 elite referees inside the uk who fall underneath the class of “pick out institution One referees”. they may be decided on for most advantageous league video games week and week out throughout the season.

Professionals can work an average of around 30 games per season, depending on their performance. The goalkeepers in this team earn an average salary of £50,000 a year, but are also paid £2,000 per match. In the 2019/20 season, Martin Aktinson, Michael Oliver and Anthony Taylor claimed the most matches in the Premier League (32 each), meaning they were paid £114,000 for their services last season.

48 assistants are also part of the 'Select Group One Manager' who receive a starting salary of £24,000 a year and a bonus of £850 (per match).

CategoryBase Salary (Yearly)Per Match FeeAverage Yearly Income
“Select Group One Referees”£50,000£2000£100,000
“Select Group One Assistant Referees”£24,000£850£38,000
Video Assistant Referee£24,000£850£38,000

Premier League Referee Contracts for 2019-2020 Season (Agreement)

Martin Atkinson, Michael Oliver and Anthony Taylor spoke about the most competitive Premier League in the 2019-2020 season. They each mentioned 32 games, followed by Mike Dean (27 games) and Chris Kavanagh (26 games). The table below shows how much they played and how much they paid for their services during the 2019-2020 season. They earn more if they get a contract in the Champions League and Europa League. More information can be found here as the new employee joins the Premier League’s 2022-23 manager salary.

Martin Atkinson£50,00032 Matches (£64,000)£114,000
Michael Oliver£50,00032 Matches (£64,000)£114,000
Anthony Taylor£50,00032 Matches (£64,000)£114,000
Mike Dean£50,00027 Matches (£54,000)£104,000
Chris Kavanagh£50,00026 Matches (£52,000)£102,000
Kevin Friend£50,00025 Matches (£50,000)£100,000
Jonathan Moss£50,00025 Matches (£50,000)£100,000
Paul Tierney£50,00025 Matches (£50,000)£100,000
Andre Marriner£50,00024 Matches (£48,000)£98,000
Craig Pawson£50,00023 Matches (£46,000)£96,000
Stuart Attwell£50,00021 Matches (£42,000)£92,000
Graham Scott£50,00019 Matches (£38,000)£88,000
David Coote£50,00016 Matches (£32,000)£82,000
Lee Mason£50,00016 Matches (£32,000)£82,000
Peter Bankes£50,00011 Matches (£22,000)£72,000
Simon Hooper£50,00011 Matches (£22,000)£72,000
Andy Madley£50,00011 Matches (£22,000)£72,000


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