PSL Umpires Salary | What deals are there to challenge the leaders in the Pakistan Super League?

PSL Umpires Team
PSL Umpires Team

The Pakistan Premier League has improved season by season. The league not only provides fresh cricket talents but also international referees. Recently, Shozab Raza, Rashid Riaz, and Asif Yaqoob, who are famous for their match decisions, will soon sign their contracts with ICC referees. The main role in any tournament is the referee, who can change the entire game situation with one decision. PSL executive salaries are increasing season by season.

UmpireBase SalaryContract
Aleem Dar$20,0002022
Ranmore Martinesz$14,0002022
Shozab Raza$20,0002022
Rashid Riaz$16,0002022
Richard Illingworth$20,0002022
Asif Yaqoob$16,0002022
Ahsan Raza$16,0002022
Michael Gough$20,0002022
Faisal Afridi$16,0002022
Tariq Rasheed$16,0002022
Imran Javed$16,0002022

Officials in these sports are paid a maximum salary of $16,000 to $20,000 only if they are selected for more than 10-11 games per season. An umpire who plays less than 10 games earns between $5,000 and $6,000 per season. After the first edition, PSL umpires’ salaries will be improved as international umpires will be included in the league. The income of match referees in PSL increases according to shirt sponsorship accounts. The Pakistan Cricket Board only promotes a few foreign leagues every season.

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How much do umpires earn per match in PSL?

Match OfficialsPer Match Fees
Field and Third Umpires$1,000

According to the statement, referees get $1,000 for each game, $1,000 for a PSL award, or $176,304 for a PKR game. PSL referees will receive a bonus of $20,000 for their games in the finals, semi-finals, and playoffs. 176,304 PKR for PSL, 4th game. PSL umpires can earn a maximum of $20,000 for their decisions in finals, semi-finals, and playoffs.

 PSL Most Popular Match Umpires

Aleem Dar60 (since 2016)
Shozab Raza50 (since 2016)

Aleem Dar and Shozab Raza, the top two Pakistani players picked in the PSL in the last six seasons, have earned more than $150,000 in the last six seasons, regardless of sponsorship.

Sustenance for Umpires Pakistan Super League

  • Free Hospitality
  • Free Car Parking
  • Free Food
  • Health Insurance
  • Public Image

Almost every league offers free hospitality, parking, catering, health insurance, and public image to its players and officials. The match officials remained the main focus of the media due to poor decisions.

Among the top foreign PSL Umpires Earning

Foreign UmpiresMatches
Ranmore Martinesz41
Richard Illingworth28
Tim Robinson16

There was no significant difference in the income of judges, whether local or foreign. The salary structure and benefits are the same.