The Saudi Cup international horse race is held annually at the King Abdulaziz Racecourse in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The most valuable race in the world started on February 25, 2022. This is the most valuable horse race. According to the information, adjusted for the 2022 competition, the prize will be 20 million dollars. The Saudi Cup competition calendar will be published soon, in February.

February 2022King Abdulaziz Race trackDirt1,800 meters

The main dates of the race are yet to be announced but it has been confirmed that it will take place in February 2022. How many people can participate in the race has not been confirmed yet because there are many different Covid-19 cases around the world. But we will also see some European stars at the event.

2020Maximum SecurityLuis SaezJason Servis
2021MishriffDavid EganJohn Gosden

Maximum Security won the race in 2020, but the Irish-bred, British-trained racehorse Mishriff took the title from Maximum Security in 2021. We need to know who will be the new challenger or if Misriff will retain the title during the Saudi race. Trophy.

Saudi Cup 2022 Match Calendar

Maximum security

(American Horse)

The first competition was held in February 2020 and was won by American Horse’s highest safety class, Luis Saez.

The Saudi Arabian Jockey Club has closed the First Place Safest Purse pending an investigation of allegations against trainer Jason Servis.

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