Sevilla FC contract with Nike until 2022 | €2.3 million contract for 1 Year bonus

Sevilla FC contract with Nike
Sevilla FC contract with Nike

In 2018, Sevilla signed a stock deal with the American sportswear brand Nike. Sevilla’s Kit deal with Nike is said to be worth €2.3m per year + add-ons. The contract was extended until 2022.

Sevilla’s Nike numbers are as follows:

Kit SupplierNike
Duration4 years (2018-2022)
Yearly payments€2.3 million + addons
Total payment over 4 years€9.2 million + addons
Any performance-related clauses?€1 million years will be added to the yearly deal if Sevilla wins the Spanish La Liga.

Nike has been introduced as Sevilla’s package dealer for 2018. that is the first 3-12 months deal that has been extended for the 2021/2022 season.

Nike replaces American rival New Balance to produce equipment for the club. The value of the contract is EUR 9.2 million + fees to be paid in full over 4 years.

Sevilla Shirt sponsorship contract deal

The German FinTech company Naga app became the official shirt sponsor in 2021. The contract with Sevilla to acquire the shirt sponsor amounts to 5.5 million euros per year.

Check out the financial numbers behind the deal:

Duration3 years (2021-22 season to 2023-24)
Yearly payments€5 million a year
Total payment over 3 years€15 million
Any performance-related clauses?€2 million years will be added to the yearly deal if Sevilla wins the Champions League.

The Naga app replaces Marathonbet and its €5 million per year commitment to become the shirt sponsor of the race days.

The contract amounts to 15 million euros in total payments over 3 years. With this deal, the Naga app has become the new face of Sevilla’s kit shirt sponsor.

Apart from the shirt support agreement, both Naga App and Sevilla collaborate on technical projects.

Sevilla sleeve sponsorship deal

In June 2020, oil and car manufacturer Valvoline became the official sponsor of Sevilla’s sports package.

The three-12 months deal will see the Valvoline logo seem on the left sleeve of Sevilla’s men’s kit.

The cost of the settlement is 2 million euros in step with yr. Valvoline replaces Betfair as a package sponsor.


Sevilla’s contract with Nike amounts to 9.2 million euros, plus total payments over 4 years. American sportswear brand Nike replaces American competitor New Balance as the company’s equipment supplier. The contract expires in 2022.

The Naga app will replace Marathonbet because the club’s essential blouse sponsor in 2021. The deal to accumulate the blouse sponsorship rights is really worth €five. five million per 12 months.

Valvoline replaces Betfair as kit sponsor. The cost of the settlement is 2 million euros in step within 12 months.