Sports are healthy practices.why?

THEAZNEWS Sports Overview:

Sports is physical activity, which helps us to stay healthy and fit. In fact, SportsMLB,exercising and playing out door games teach us to be strict, punctual and active.  THEAZNEWSSPORTS helps us to learn better , gain energy as well as lose stress. Moreover, it develops  cooperative abilities, team spirit and self confidence. There is no doubt that it enhances the physical activity and earn more success in future . It also plays a vital role in the development of personal and mental skill such as communication, motivation and bullying prevention.

“Practice makes a man perfect”

Keywords of Sports

  • Psychology
  • Risk Taking
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Making Goals
  • Leadership Skill
  • President Address
  • Honesty
  • Strategic Planning

Role of SPORTS in Education

Education has a great relation with SPORTS because both of them teach us in different ways. Sports are very important in educational institutes as it’s a paramount to overall development. Often, it has been seen that most of the students are indulged themselves in SportsNBA at the age of 12th to 14teen, which is very healthy practice , yet it isn’t admired by their parents. It’s not only good for health but also introduce skills which provide them a bright future in the field of sports and games.

Types of SPORTS

There are many kinds of Sports and games for example   

  1. Cricket,
  2. Volleyball,
  3. Tennis,
  4. Basketball,
  5. Soccer,
  6. Golf,
  7. Cards,
  8. Chess,
  9. Ludo,

To release stress

Sports provide mental and physical satisfaction and peace by changing your day to day busy and stressful routine. Furthermore, you will notice a change in your body as it alleviates stress level. Sportsmanship also increases mental sharpness and self-confidence at the same time it’s minimizes the anxiety and stress. It’s a well known proverb that

Character Builder

Sports provide a spirit of competition,  quality of decision making and inculcate teamwork among the player as framework or teamwork is an essential part of every field of life. That’s why Sportsmanship plays a vital role in  character building. In a simple way, Sports enable a person how to create friends and relations. In short, relations should be welcomed as an institution can run by working together not individually. Sports ensure the complete personality of a man . Games also teach time management and provide chances of extra efforts and indulge players in competitions.

They also teach players how to respect rules and follow them in proper ways. SPORTS are a great source of discipline and confidence which is the basic character of human being. They also provide betterment of skills which is the necessity of society. These are the skills like leadership, time management,  honesty, planning and  teamwork which will helpful in every field of life. They also play a great role in facing defeat. They teach that how rise after a defeat. More over, SportsFootball make sure that failure isn’t an end . As a result, sportsman don’t lose heart and try to put their maximum efforts. In fact, win and defeat both are the parts of a game.


THEAZNEWSSPORTS bring close the people of different societies , religions, beliefs, backgrounds, communities and cultures etc. It’s a source of healthy social life which  provides a delightful time together and connect the people or different places at the same platform. Through, sports there is also a chance to meet such that  people that you might have missed other wise. In the modern age there is major problem that  man has become a victim of loneliness . In fact, it’s a predicament that superficial presence of media, and people have fake relations and friends. Social media provide an access to sports in very short interval of time.


National Pride

Sports and games are held at national and international level. That’s why, sports are the source of national and international competitions and pride . It develops the traits of nationalism and patriotism. Every victory in the international world cups makes a chance to unite country and celebrate with zest and zeal. In this way, it becomes a National Pride .


Teach Precautions

According to, every field sports also have some preventing measurements which should be followed. Otherwise, a player can face any injury . Some SportsNFL which have precautions like Football, Cricket, Tennis , Basketball and Swimming can be dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to wear proper safety sports kit before playing these games. Moreover, it’s very important to know whether you are fit to play or not.

Psychology of Sports in Life

Different types of sportspsychology

  • Educational psychology
  • Devotional psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Forensic psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Exercise psychology

Uses of Sports Psychology

  1. Attentional Focus,
  2. Mental Toughness,
  3. Visualization,
  4. Goal Setting,
  5. Motivation,
  6. Team Building

Life Psychology in Sports

  • Positive attitude psychology
  • Respect of opponent psychology
  • Frame of fair play psychology
  • Never Give up sycology
  • Face defeat psychology
  • Accept consequences psychology
  • Always positive body suage psychology


Discipline is the backboneof any field . Faith and discipline are key factors for proper working. It’s the fundamental which builds the character of a sportsman. In SportsNHL, discipline builds a player to focus and attain the ability to work hard . It’s a step toward archiving targets without any kind of distraction.


In the sum up, uniquesports are very healthy Practices both physical as well as mental. By improving skills it is beneficial not only for an individual, a country, society or a nation but it is for the whole world. Sports provide a proper platform Theaznews not only for entertainment but also provide a source of income. Moreover, it’s a profession to decrease the poverty. It’s also provide self confidence which is it self a beneficial owner for any personality. In this modern age it’s our responsibility to engage themselves in any kind of sports. Play games or engaging themselves in sports or some extracurricular activities play an important role in developing character, management skill, negotiation skills, communication skills, convincing skill, conflict management, confidence and facing defeat skill.

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