Supercoppa Italiana prize money | How much revenue-sharing tickets are paid for revenue | The Italian league earns 1 million euros from the competition

Supercoppa Italiana prize money
Supercoppa Italiana prize money

This is one of the biggest cup competitions that takes place between the winner of Serie A and the winner of Italy. In recent years, competitions in the winter season have mostly been held outside Italy. According to sources, it is always held in the summer, but due to the spread of Covid-19, it was postponed to a new day. The prize money of the Supercoppa Italiana for the 2022 competition has been confirmed.

Team Earning In Supercoppa Italiana:

EventClubs ShareTickets Share RevenueYear
Supercoppa Italiana€1.5 million each (Juventus & Inter Milan)50% (25% each of club)2021

The Supercoppa Italiana silver medal was announced in the last two games. According to football sources, Juventus and Lazio earned 3.3 million euros per year in 2019. After 2020, covid-19 will also affect the international football federation, Juventus and Napoli will reduce the salaries of the members who receive the payment (1 million euros). This was the third time Juventus played together in the Supercoppa Italiana, against Inter Milan. Transfer money to the competition (€4 million), of which €1.5 million will be paid to each club in 2022.

Fund Paid to Italian League Body:

YearFunds to Italian League Body
2019€1 million
2021€1 million

In 2019 and 2020, the organization of the Italian league guarantees 1.5 million euros. Most of the money comes from sponsors and side funds. In 2022, the board of the Italian league will earn more than one million euros.

Teams Share in Gateway Income:

ClubsTickets Revenue
Inter Milan25%

Clubs that have reached the finals have a permanent division, in addition to income, each club generates 25% of the income from the ticket. The other 50% goes to the Italian Football League, for project development.

Total Prize Money Adjusted for Supercoppa Italiana:

YearPrize FundClubs Share In Tickets
2019€7.6 million25% each
2020€2.5 million25% each
2021€4 million25% each

In 2019, €3.3 million was paid to each membership taking part within the very last and €1 million to the Italian league for the occasion in Saudi Arabia. Inter Milan and Juventus are predicted to be performed at the San Siro in Italy this 12 months.

If there are any adjustments to the Italian brilliant Cup 2021, extra details about the competition can be introduced at a later date, but for now it has been confirmed that Juventus will guard their identify against Inter Milan on January 12.