Villarreal Kit and Joma Deal Until 2025 | €14 Million Deal for 7-Year

Villarreal Kit and Joma Deal Until 2025
Villarreal Kit and Joma Deal Until 2025

Spanish sportswear company “Joma” became Villarreal’s equipment supplier in 2016. Joma took over from Chinese brand Xtep as the club’s equipment supplier. Villarreal’s equipment contract with Joma amounts to 2 million euros per season. Additions are dependent on product sales and percentage change from last year’s sales.

Now check the economic figures behind the Villarreal package’s address Joma:

Kit SupplierJoma
Duration7 years (2018-2025)
Yearly payments€2 million + addons
Total payment over 7 years€14 million + addons
Any performance-related clauses?€1 million a year will be added to the yearly deal if Villarreal wins the Spanish La Liga.

Villarreal and Joma will get hold of 14 million euros over seven years under the new settlement.

In addition, Villarreal received an additional €1 million bonus for one more year, which will be activated if the club wins the La Liga title. The contract ends after the 2024-2025 season.

Villarreal Shirt Sponsorship contract deal

Villarreal has signed a shirt sponsorship deal with Pamesa Ceramica which will allow the club to display its logo on the club’s shirt. The contract between Villarreal and Pamesa Ceramica amounts to 2 million euros per year.

Check out the financial numbers behind the deal:

Duration4 years (2020-21 season to 2023-24)
Yearly payments€2 million a year
Total payment over 4 years€8 million
Any performance-related clauses?€500k a year will be wiped off the yearly deal if Villarreal fails to qualify for the Champions League.

Pamesa Ceramica has been the primary sponsor of the members considering the fact that in July 2013. Pamesa Ceramica is a clothier, manufacturer, and exporter of ceramic partitions and tiles.

After 2013, the clubs were well received. Billionaire Fernando Roig, the owner of Villarreal CF, also owns Pamesa Ceramica.

So investment in the club is good for the company’s operations. In addition, the total value of the contract is 8 million euros over 4 years.


During 2016, Joma will promote the Chinese company and become Villarreal’s equipment supplier. The financial contract between Villarreal and Joma will last seven years.

Villarreal’s proprietor’s agency, Pamesa Ceramica, has been the primary sponsor of the yellow submarines on grounds that 2013. each signed a sponsorship deal for the brand new jersey in 2020. the whole fee of the deal is eight million euros over four years.