Bowling World Cup Awards 2022 | Open singles and women’s singles (£105,000)

Indoor Bowling World Cup Awards 2022
Bowling World Cup Awards 2022

The upcoming World Indoor Championships have announced that they have confirmed that the Games will start on January 7, 2022. The finals of the World Indoor Championships took place on January 23. This year, England is eligible to host events in Hopton-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth and Norfolk. The 2022 Bowling World Championship has been released.

CompetitionWinners Share
Open Singles£55,000
Women’s Singles£50,000
Open Pairs£20,000
Double Pairs£20,000
Total Prize Money£145,000

The only prize money on offer for the indoor competition is £55,000 for open teams only. According to the plans, the prize money for the winners of singles, open doubles and women’s doubles will be increased. In 2020, £145,000 has been set to fully fund the competition.

Mark Dawes and Laura Daniels are the defending singles champions. Mark Dawes is already in the semi-finals of the league where he belongs (Jamie Chestney). As soon as the official confirmation of the remaining winners is issued, the details of the competition prizes in the pool will be updated here.