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World Indoor Bowls Championship 2022 Schedule
World Indoor Bowls Championship 2022 Schedule

The 44th World Bowling Championships, with doubles and doubles starting on January 7 and the final on January 23, has limited participation due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK. The UK has been chosen to host the upcoming World Bowls Championship, with all matches taking place in Hopton-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth, and Norfolk. Approved in 2022 World Indoor Bowls dates and locations.

Match DatesRounds
7th -12th JanuaryFirst Round
13th – 15 JanuarySecond Round
16th – 18 JanuaryQuarter Finals
19th – 22nd JanuarySemi-Finals
23rd JanuaryFinals

Open doubles, the event comes close to closing out the team’s previous semi-final, with Mark Dawes and Jamie Chestney taking on Dean Warming ton and Scott Edwards. The second round of the Scottish team finals was announced on Monday, with Stewart Anderson and Darren Burnett taking on Paul Foster and Alex Marshall.

The mixed doubles, men’s singles and women’s matches have not yet started. All details for the 2022 Bowling Cup final are here, after being confirmed by the finalist. The BBC provides a wide range of television coverage in the United Kingdom. The winners will share the announced prize money.