World Rally Championship prize money

The exciting event in the sports world begins on January 20. Rally Chile has been closed, but Rally Japan returns with the 2022 event. Season 5 takes place in 13 different locations, with 12 contestants. What will be the prizes for the WRC 2022 race?

WRC 2022 Prize Money:

StagesPrize Money
Stage Winning Bonus€20,000
Sponsorship Bonus€500,000
Junior Rookie Drivers Bonus€15,000

There’s no rate around the WRC that the drivers pay the producers to participate inside the race. only a few individuals who’ve contracts with exceptional motorsport agencies get paid. although a few new gamers are also rewarded according to their overall performance. Racer for rent is also to be had.

When a contestant wins the competition, the contestant can win €20,000. While sponsorship deals also provide players with an opportunity to earn money. Depending on the different sponsors, the candidate can earn between €250,000 and €500,000. Although the newcomer can pocket up to €50,000 in addition to the prize for winning the competition.

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