Starting Of The Match

The match starts with both wrestlers locked up before Reigns pushes Paul into the corner. Reigns mocks the crowd before locking up with Paul again before he puts Paul in the corner. Paul punches Reigns, causing Reigns to go wild as the crowd chants for Paul. Paulus grabs the waist of Reigns but Reigns counters. himself removed. Paul hit the fireman’s takedown on Reigns. But Reigns responded by slapping Paul in the face before leaving the ring to talk to Heyman.

WWE Crown Jewel 2022 - Undisputed Universal Championship: Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul Live Courage And Result

Back in the ring, Reigns made Paul do the law of silence before putting him back in the corner and attacking Paul. Reigns hits a slam on Paul for a near fall. Reigns goes to the back, but Paul falls to his feet. Paul jumps over Reigns before throwing a hip and pulling Reigns out of the ring. Paul gets out of the ring, but Reigns attacks Paul before putting him through the barricade. Reigns taunts the crowd, but Paul runs Reigns over the barricade. Back in the ring, Paul first hit “Hangman” Adam Page’s Buckshot Lariat on Reigns for the near fall. Reigns throws Paul out of the ring, but Paul goes up and does a springboard, but Reigns catches him with a whip in the air.

Criticalness Of The Match

Reigns stomped Paul before knocking Paul back to kick out. Roman locked Paul in a long chin lock, but Paul broke the hold with a body shot. Reigns puts Paul in the corner. He hits ten lariats before using a leaping lariat on Paul, but Paul kicks out. Reigns gets Paul in a modified table before switching to a headbutt, but Paul hits another body shot on Reigns before Reigns kicks Paul into the corner. Paul avoids Reigns in the corner before hitting a gut wrench on Reigns.

Paul Punches Reigns, Causing Reigns To Go Wild As The Crowd Chants For Paul.

Paul lands a body shot on Reigns and then hits a lariat, back elbow, and a suplex on Reigns off the middle rope for a near fall. Reigns kicks Paul in the stomach, but Paul catches him with a surprise Superman punch before jumping to his feet. Paul goes up to the ropes and punches. the cross body followed by a moonsault on Reigns for a near fall. Paul hits the Sweet Chin Music but Reigns catches him and connects with the Uranage on Paul for a near fall.

Reigns catches a Superman Punch but Pual catches him with a kidney punch and then a lucky drop on Reigns before Paul connects with a Superman Punch on Reigns but Reigns manages to kick out for a two count. Paul and Reigns come out of the ring and put Reigns on the announce table in Arabic. Paul then made the call and wrote him up to the top rope before connecting with the Frog Splash through the Arab announce table.

Ending Of The Match

Logan Paul Rolls Back Into The Ring But Reigns Catches Him With A Vicious Superman Punch

Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso tag in Reigns before they attack Logan Paul’s team and destroy them with Superkicks. As previously reported, Jake Paul entered the ring to take on the Usos. Jake Paul interrupts Jimmy. & Jey Uso knocked them out. Logan Paul & Reigns got back in the ring and hit a frog splash on Reigns for a near fall. Solo SIkoa faced Jake Paul in the ring before Logan Paul hit a cross body on The Usos. Logan Paul rolls back into the ring but Reigns catches him with a vicious Superman punch before hooking a spear to Paul for the pinfall win. Reigns, Sikoa, Heyman & The Usos arrive on stage to end the show.


Winner & Still Undisputed WWE Universal Champion: Roman Reigns (w/ Paul Heyman).

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