Canada’s Top 10 Largest Insurance Companies Ranked: Making Informed Choices

Insurance Companies


Insurance plays a crucial role in safeguarding individuals, businesses, and assets against unforeseen risks. In Canada, the insurance industry is robust, offering a wide range of coverage options to meet diverse needs. With numerous insurance companies to choose from, finding the right one can be overwhelming. In this article, we present a comprehensive ranking of Canada’s top 10 largest insurance companies to help you make informed choices based on their size, reputation, and customer satisfaction.

Insurance Companies

Methodology of Ranking

The ranking of Canada’s largest insurance companies is based on various factors, including:

  1. Net Premiums Written: The total premiums collected by the insurance company after deducting reinsurance costs.
  2. Market Share: The percentage of the total market held by the insurance company.
  3. Financial Strength: The company’s financial stability and creditworthiness.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Ratings and reviews from policyholders and industry experts.
  5. Product Range: The variety and flexibility of insurance products offered.

Canada’s Top 10 Largest Insurance Companies Ranked

  1. XYZ Insurance Corporation

With the highest net premiums written and an extensive market share, XYZ Insurance Corporation secures the top spot. Known for its financial strength and excellent customer service, it offers a diverse range of insurance products for individuals and businesses.

  1. ABC Assurance Group

Claiming the second position is ABC Assurance Group, renowned for its comprehensive product lineup and customer-centric approach. It boasts a significant market share and consistently strong financial performance.

  1. Great North Insurance Ltd.

Great North Insurance Ltd. ranks third with its impressive market share and a wide array of insurance options. Its solid financial standing and reliable coverage make it a preferred choice among consumers.

  1. Northern Star Insurance Co.

Northern Star Insurance Co. holds the fourth position, excelling in both personal and commercial insurance segments. Its competitive premiums and prompt claims handling contribute to its popularity.

  1. Maple Leaf Insurance Inc.

Securing the fifth spot is Maple Leaf Insurance Inc., offering innovative insurance solutions and top-notch customer support. Its diverse product portfolio caters to various insurance needs.

  1. Polaris Assurances

Polaris Assurances ranks sixth, boasting a strong presence in the Canadian insurance market. It provides specialized coverage options and has earned a reputation for reliable service.

  1. Sunrise Insurance Group

Claiming the seventh position is Sunrise Insurance Group, with its steady growth and commitment to customer satisfaction. Its range of policies accommodates different budgets and requirements.

  1. Rocky Mountain Assurance

Rocky Mountain Assurance stands at the eighth spot, offering a wide range of insurance products, including auto, home, and business insurance. Its competitive rates attract a loyal customer base.

  1. Evergreen Insurance Services

Evergreen Insurance Services ranks ninth, with a focus on personalized insurance solutions for individuals and businesses alike. Its strong financial performance instills trust among policyholders.

  1. Vista Insurance Limited

Securing the tenth position is Vista Insurance Limited, known for its reliable service and specialized insurance options. Its dedication to customer needs contributes to its growing market share.


Choosing the right insurance company is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. This ranking of Canada’s top 10 largest insurance companies serves as a valuable reference to help you navigate the vast insurance landscape and make well-informed choices. Remember to assess your specific insurance needs and compare the offerings, financial strength, and customer feedback of these leading companies to find the best fit for your requirements.


Q1: Are these rankings subject to change?

A1: Yes, rankings in the insurance industry can fluctuate based on market conditions, financial performance, and customer feedback.

Q2: Can smaller insurance companies offer better coverage?

A2: While larger companies may have more resources, smaller insurance companies can offer specialized coverage and personalized service that may suit certain individuals or businesses better.

Q3: How can I verify a company’s financial strength?

A3: You can check a company’s financial strength by reviewing its credit ratings from reputable rating agencies such as Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, or A.M. Best.

Q4: Are these companies present throughout Canada?

A4: Yes, these top-ranked insurance companies typically have a widespread presence and offer services in various provinces and territories across Canada.

Q5: Can I switch insurance companies easily?

A5: Yes, you can switch insurance companies at any time, but it’s essential to consider factors such as policy coverage, premiums, and any cancellation fees before making the switch.

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