Star Wars-inspired XTURISMO ‘luxury airship’ can stay aloft for 40 minutes in ’emotional experience that blows your mind’.

World’s First Flying Bike Goes On Sale For Almost £500,000

The world’s first aircraft has gone on the market in Japan for almost £500,000 as the makers of the XTURISMO ‘luxury yacht’ say it will bring science fiction to life.

The 12ft 300kg sitter inspires by Star Wars and can reach speeds of 62mph, powered by two large central rotors powered by a 228bhp petrol powered Kawasaki motor.

The £465,000 machine – available in red, blue and black – can stay in the air for 40 minutes, before settling down on landing wheels.

Aerwins, the company that made it, describes driving as “an emotional experience that moves you.”

‘A New Journey Begins’

There is already at least one buyer, and Japanese businessman Yoshiyuki Aikawa is placing an order.

Fyrirtækið hefur sett hjólið upp sem tæki fyrir björgunarsveitarmenn, tækjaskoðun og sýnikennslu til skemmtunar almennings.

‘A New Journey Begins’

The company has installed the bike as a tool for rescuers, equipment inspection and demonstrations for the entertainment of the public.

“Expand your travel mindset, see us like never before as the next transportation pioneer. XTURISMO created with this in mind. A new journey begins.”

At the moment, it is understood that the bike will only be available for closed rides, but the company hopes that the law will allow free rides in the future.