Cancer: Better Manage Fatigue, Discomfort, And Pain

Cancer Better Manage Fatigue Malaise And Pain
Cancer Better Manage Fatigue Malaise And Pain

All patients are afraid of them, but the side effects can be prevented and reduced. In the face of fatigue, flexible physical activity is sovereign.

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Laura, a hairdresser in Paris, cut her hair short and put it in a hood: like other patients. She had to prepare for the side effects trial of breast cancer. Cancer: hair loss, nausea, pain, fatigue…

In practice, the list of side effects depends on the location of the tumor and the treatment used. But if it is not an unrecognized problem, many of them can be reduced or avoided thanks to the support of treatment. We hope to be able to predict this morning after the diagnosis. So, that we can help treat patients better.

A long list of symptoms:

A long list of symptoms

Most doctors have prescribed can cause allergies, cancer, a decrease in white blood cells, platelets, and/or red blood cells, menopausal symptoms, hair loss, decreased low fertility, or even weight gain. Radiotherapy may cause red skin, migraine, and laryngitis. According to surgery, he is concerned about the risk of urination, constipation, phlebitis, and peritonitis…

The long list of symptoms is terrifying. Especially since treatment plans, hormone therapy, or immunotherapy also have side effects.

However, not all of them are systematic or simultaneous and can be eliminated or reduced with appropriate drugs, advice, and care, so the discussion is planned to discuss this. He Said Dr. Carole Bouleuc, Head of the Multidisciplinary Support Unit at the Institute Curie.

Adequate Physical Activity

Adequate Physical Activity

So, there are very effective antiemetics, and the risk of nausea can be limited by dietary advice or relaxation exercises. Likewise, a cooling helmet can limit the sometimes-irreversible hair loss caused by radiation therapy, if assisted by aesthetic care. Painkillers relieve pain, their effectiveness can be supplemented by non-pharmacological methods: hypnosis, acupuncture, etc.

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Finally, the proper practice that Dr. Carole Bouleuc highly recommends is, it helps against fatigue. This is the best treatment for which we have the most favorable clinical trials. We are beginning to learn about its benefits for pain syndrome.

Asset development and forecasting

Unfortunately, pain and fatigue often persist for years: between three-quarters and half of patients present five years after diagnosis and treatment. However, late side effects vary greatly from patient to patient.

Therefore, it is important to develop tools to predict and predict which patients are most at risk of exposure. And this is precisely what the researchers from Inserm and the Institute Gustave-Roussy worked on, based on the data of many patients treated for breast cancer. Which were followed by the CANTO study.

“We examine their responses to quality-of-life questionnaires and long-term toxicities reported as a result of treatments. While examining a series of unique markers that are both genetic, metabolic, and inflammatory,” explains Dr. Inès Vaz-Duarte-Luis, oncologist, and researcher at Gustave-Roussy. In institute.

His team was involved in the development of an algorithm that allows the doctor to know the risk of severe fatigue in his patient from the time of diagnosis and help him to better support him. If only breast cancer is monitored in CANTO, research is underway to develop similar devices and personal monitoring for all tumors.