6 killed, including 2 officers, in an Australian ambush, siege

6 killed, including 2 officers, in an Australian

Police killed two people, including two policemen, in a home in a city. Australian police said on Tuesday that a fraudster had finally been caught. The violence began around 4:45 p.m. Monday when four police officers arrived at a remote property in Queensland to investigate reports of a fraudster.

6 killed, including 2 officers, in an Australian

Six people died in the Australian riots and protests

Two gunmen ambushed police during a raid in Wiemille, shooting two and fatally injuring a third officer. One of the hurt policemen died during their hospital visit and another succumbed to his injury at the scene.

While a fourth escaped, Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said. “I don’t think the police had time and I don’t know where the two men ended up.”

The police have identified the officers killed

Police have identified the slain officers as Matthew Arnold, 26, and Rachel McCord, 29. According to Carroll, 16 police officers did not know that they were risking their lives to find the bodies of the murderers. Tell if their colleagues are dead or alive.

“This is an unimaginable situation.” Carroll said, “This is sad and deeply saddening for everyone, especially the family, the officers involved, colleagues, the organization, and the community.”

Lan Leaver’s comments about the situation

He said that when a policeman hid in the long grass, the protesters shot him in an attempt to rescue him. Leavers told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

“Losing two officers in one incident is a tragedy,” he said.

Carroll said local police had responded to requests from police in neighboring New South Wales to track down a man who had been missing for 12 months but had been in contact with people for up to two years, three days ago. He said a 58-year-old neighbor may have arrived after seeing the fire at the house or hearing gunshots.

Carroll said

police officers across the country are aware of the dangers they face but are still doing their jobs.

“And today and every day, I pay tribute to each and every one of these police officers who serve their communities and our country.”

Albany said,

“This is not a price that the wearer should pay.”

A state of emergency remains in Wyambella. The crime investigation takes place at home, where people are not good and have a lot of power and oil theaznews.com.