Pediatric Cancers in Loire-Atlantique

The monitoring set up for two years in the Sainte-Pazanne sector has not revealed any changes “from an epidemiological point of view”.

Pediatric cancer cases in the Sainte-Pazanne sector, a rural area located southwest of Nantes, continue to be closely scrutinized by health authorities. As a reminder, in 2017, residents noted that six children in the area had declared cancer, including four acute leukemias. Two years later, in 2019, three new cases were reported.

Alerted, the health authorities then launched several surveys and studies. Although they don’t make it possible to conclude “A common cause for the reported cases”, surveillance maintained for two years under the leadership of Public Health France. A work carried out in collaboration with the University Hospitals of Nantes and Angers.

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On November 17, the institution published a situation update established on October 5, 2022: “19 children under the age of 18 were diagnosed in the sector of the 7 municipalities (Machecoul-Saint-Même, Port-Saint-Père, Sainte-Pazanne, Rouans, Saint-Hilaire-de-Chaléons, Saint-Mars-de-Coutais, Villeneuve-en-Retz) between 2015 and September 2022.

The average age of 8 years:

Public Health France provides a detailed report of these 19 cases identified. “The children age from 6 months to 15 years old at the time of diagnosis with an average of 8 years old. They were 8 girls and 11 boys. Nine children diagnosed with malignant hemopathy including six acute lymphoblastic leukemias. And then with a solid tumor including six tumors of the central nervous system.” It is written in the results of the surveillance.

“The date of the diagnosis of the last notified case dates back to July 2021”, specifies Public Health France, which in view of its results, considers the situation as “Globally stable” compared to the previous investigations carried out. Current monitoring, initially planned for three years, “An evaluated at the end of 2023”, it also indicates.

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The figures of the health authorities differ from those of the collective “Stop the cancers of our children”. Its officials identify 25 cases in the same sector. Among them, seven children died. According to Presse Océan, the collective continues to work on its project to create a citizen research institute. To continue the investigations in parallel with those carried out by Santé Publique France.

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