Elisabeth Borne Urges Vaccination and Mask Wearing

Through barrier gestures, the Prime Minister assured the French people that all had a “role to play” in helping healthcare personnel.

Elisabeth Borne reiterated her plea for vaccinations and the donning of masks on Tuesday, December 20th ahead of the impending holiday season.

She expressed her apprehension at the concomitant occurrence of three epidemics – bronchiolitis, Covid, and influenza- that is proving to be especially trying this year. This sentiment was echoed during a briefing held by the Ile-de-France Regional Health Agency with which she was in attendance.

“All of this puts very strong pressure on our health system, on our health establishments, on all health professionals who, once again.

Find themselves facing a much larger than usual influx of patients in the emergency room and on calls to the Samu ” which are up by 20 to 30%, stressed Élisabeth Borne. Who expressed the government’s “support” and “solidarity” toward the nursing staff.

“Everyone has a Role to Play”

She continued, saying “we all have a role to play in helping these caregivers.” Using barrier gestures to encourage people to wear masks.” As soon as possible when there are many people in an enclosed space.” And to be vaccinated against the flu and the covid. While “we have to meet up with the family” for the holidays.

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Having seen the main doctors’ unions not call a strike between Christmas and New Year, the Minister of Health expressed great satisfaction with city medicine. A videoconference meeting with national representatives of the health professionals concerned was scheduled for François Braun. This Tuesday at the beginning of the evening on “mobilization of health actors during the end-of-year holiday period.”

It was discussed at this meeting at the ARS. That everyone was “aware (…) of the fact that caregivers also needed to rest”. And that “it is really within each establishment that the situation needs to be assessed”. The Prime Minister was asked about the possibility of triggering “white plans” to recall staff to hospitals.

In Arcachon’s emergency room, “we are overwhelmed by Covid-19, flu, and bronchiolitis.”

In response to this triple epidemic, the Committee for monitoring and anticipating health risks (Covars) recommended on Monday. Barrier gestures and vaccination be intensified as quickly as possible. without arguing whether masks should be worn in closed places.

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