Sudan’s political leaders and Pro-Democracy groups signed an agreement on Monday to establish a meanwhile government after a military coup last year. However, experts refused to participate and no time was given for the change to begin.

The plan – signed by General Abdel-Fattah Burhan, General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo and the self-government and revolutionary forces – appears to provide only general guidance. How the country can regain its pre-war prosperity? His freedom. This process changed in October 2021 when he, with the support of Burhan Dagolo removed the civilian part of the Sudan Sovereignty Council.

Since the crisis, international aid has dried up and shortages of rice and fuel due to the war. Ukraine has become commonplace, leaving Sudan’s poor economy unshielded to further destruction. Security forces broke up the nearly week-long pro-independence protests. The fatal collision occurred in a neglected area of the country.

Thousands rally in Sudan a day after 9 people were killed During Protests

It is not clear whether or not the agreement signed on Monday can give way for Sudan, which seems to leave many issues with unnecessary implications. And a lack of support from the political leaders, including the anti-democratic committee. Network executives called for protests against the deal.

Sudanese protesters take part in a demonstration demanding the restoration of civil rights in Khartoum, Sudan on November 17, 2022, one year after the military coup. The Sudanese government and the group’s main backers signed a framework agreement ahead of elections on Monday in December. 5, 2022, but the main country remained without an agreement. The accord promised to install a new transitional government to lead. The country through elections and pave the way for Sudan’s transition to Pro-Democracy, after a strike in October 2021.

Monday’s development came after months of talks between the army and the military and the Declaration of Independence. And Transitional Army, backed by the health group of the United States, Saudi Arabia, Britain, and the United Arab Emirates.

In the joint statement following the signing, the four countries praised the agreement.


“Accession to complete the negotiations and quickly reach an agreement on the formation of a new civilian-led. Government is essential for an urgent solution to the crisis in Sudan, economic, security and human,” the group said.

The hope is that the deal could attract new international aid after donations dried up in response to the protests.

In Sudan, inter-tribal fighting has intensified in the western and southern parts of the country. More than 170 people were killed in two days of clashes between Berta and Hausa in South Blue Nile state in October. Last month, 48 people were killed in tribal clashes in Darfur Pro-Democracy. Many commentators have said persecution of the group has intensified due to the power vacuum caused by last year’s military operation and the political and economic problems that have followed.


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[…] Sudan's political leaders and pro-democracy groups signed an agreement on Monday to establish a meanwhile government after a military coup.  […]

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