Democrats Are Playing A Risky Game With Trump

As the Biden administration settles into power, many Democrats are still fixated on their old adversary, Donald Trump. From calls for his impeachment to investigations into his business practices, Democrats seem to be using every opportunity to attack the former President. However, this strategy is not without risk and could backfire in several ways.

Donald Trump

Impeachment Proceedings Of Donald Trump

One of the most high-profile ways Democrats are trying to hold Trump accountable is by impeaching him. In early 2021, Donald Trump was impeached for the second time, this time for incitement of insurrection following the Capitol riots. While the move may have satisfied Democrats’ desire for justice, it’s unclear whether it will achieve anything beyond that. Impeachment requires a two-thirds majority in the Senate, which means Democrats would need at least 17 Republicans to vote in favor of conviction. Given that Trump acquits in his first impeachment trial and the fact that the GOP largely still aligns with him, the chances of a successful conviction seem slim.

Diverting Attention

Donald Trump

Another risk of the Democrats’ fixation on Trump is that it could divert attention from more pressing issues. With the country still grappling with a pandemic, a struggling economy, and ongoing racial justice issues, it’s essential that the Biden administration stays focused on these problems. By continuing to attack Donald Trump, Democrats risk appearing petty and vindictive and could lose the support of voters who want to see concrete solutions to the country’s problems.

Energizing The Opposition

By focusing so much on Donald Trump, Democrats could also be energizing the opposition. Trump remains incredibly popular with his base, and attacks on him can see as attacks on his supporters. If Democrats continue to target Trump, they risk solidifying his base and creating a more significant opposition movement. This could ultimately hurt Democrats in future elections and make it harder for them to achieve their policy goals.


While it’s understandable that Democrats want to hold Trump accountable for his actions, their fixation on him could ultimately backfire. Impeachment proceedings are unlikely to result in a conviction, and continuing to attack him risks diverting attention from more pressing issues and energizing his base. Democrats should focus on solving the country’s problems and promoting their own policies, rather than allowing themselves to define by their opposition to Trump.

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