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Phineas and Ferb
Phineas and Ferb

An adaptation of Dan Povenmire’s first film “Phineas and Ferb” has been ordered under Povenmire’s new deal with Disney-branded television. Phineas and Ferb characters are very popular in the coming days.

The series will have 40 new episodes, divided into two seasons. The announcement was made by Ayo Davis, president of Disney Branded TV, at the Television Critics Association’s winter conference. The deal also sees Povenmire’s new show, “The Hamster and Gretel,” return for a second season.

“Dan is known for creating stories and characters with heart and humor that the world loves,” Davis said. “We couldn’t be more excited to work with him and bring back the ‘Phineas and Ferb’ character in a big way.”

The series premiered on the Disney Channel in 2008 and ran until 2012 before a new season premiered on Disney XD. Two movies made so far: “Phineas and Ferb, The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension” and “Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe”.

“One of the greatest joys of my job is seeing that all generations of children and parents embrace the characters and humor of ‘Phineas and Ferb,'” Povenmire said. “I’m really looking forward to coming back and performing for them and a new generation.”

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Main Characters:

Phineas and Ferb Characters

Phineas and Ferb’s characters are given below:

  • Phineas Flynn, Ferb Fletcher, Perry the Platypus
  • Candace Flynn
  • Heinz Doofenshmirtz


  • Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, Baljeet, Buford Van Stomm, Irving, The Fireside Girls, Jeremy Johnson, Stacy Hirano, Carl Karl.
  • Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, Suzy Johnson, Monty Monogram, Albert Du Bois, Jenny Brown, Django Brown, Coltrane, Mandy, Thaddeus and Thor, Eliza Fletcher


  • Linda Flynn and Lawrence Fletcher, Major Monogram, Clyde and Betty Jo Flynn, Reginald and Winifred Fletcher, Charlene Doofenshmirtz.
  • Love Handel, Roger Doofenshmirtz, Rodney, Esmeralda Poofenplotz, Doofenshmirtz Parents, Professor Mystery, Dr. Diminutive

Other Characters

  • Norm the Giant Robot Man, Talking Zebra, Meap, Mitch, Pinky the Chihuahua, Terry the Turtle, Planty the Potted Plant.
  • Harry the Hyena, Karen the Cat and Maggie the Macaw, Peter the Panda, Roger the Rogue Rabbit, Ballony, and Klimpaloon.
  • Giant Floating Baby Head, Super Super Big Doctor, The Bug Trio

Phineas and Ferb theme song lyrics:

Phineas and Ferb theme song lyrics

“Phineas and Ferb Theme” is the theme song, performed by Bowling for Soup.

The theme of Phineas and Ferb is heard for the first time in “Rollercoaster” and remains the same in every episode except “Phineas and Ferb’s Christmas Vacation!”, “Phineas and Ferb: Summer’s Made for You! “, “This is a monster”, “Candace’s Curse”, “Phineas and Ferb: The Movie in the 2nd Dimension”, “Just for Ice”, “Happy New Year!”, “Phineas and Ferb: The Marvel Mission “, “Phineas and Ferb “Save Summer”, “Night of the Apothecaries”, “Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars”, “Last Day of Summer”, “O.W.C.A. Records” and “Phineas and Ferb Movie: Candace Against the Universe”.

what year did Phineas and Ferb start?

The series premiered on the Disney Channel in 2008 and ran until 2012 before a new season premiered on Disney XD. Ferb often speaks, usually only one line per episode. He speaks English. He doesn’t have a line for all eleven minutes, and his longest speaking time is in “Lizard Whisperer” when he speaks a total of 129 words.

How many episodes are in Phineas and Ferb?

Phineas and Ferb was an animated series with 130 episodes that aired from 2007 until 2015. In addition to the series, there also longer animated features. Four seasons of Phineas and Ferb gave a total of two hundred and twenty-two shows.